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GBP/USD On Tuesday, 5th of July the British pound hit a fresh 31-year low against the dollar by falling to the key level of 1.30 , as investors worried about the economic and financial fallout of Britain's vote to leave the European Union.
GBP/USD On Monday, 4th of July the British Pound trades on positive area. Currently, the GBP/USD pair trades near the level of 1.3280 by adding 0.25%. The British Pound continues to manage its losses due to Brexit.
EUR/USD  Today the main currency pair EUR/USD was trading near the mark of 1.1370 by adding 0.2%.
EUR/USD On Monday, the EUR/USD pair breached up the mark of 1.12. The maximum of the day was reached near of the 1.1222. On Tuesday morning, we are observing a technical correction. The key currency pair trades below the level of 1.1190 by losing 0.2%.
EUR/USD On Tuesday, the key currency pair EUR/USD pair has fallen to $1.1188 by losing over 1%.