Binary options is a unique trading tool that allows trading various assets in a very easy way.

Why is it so unique?

  • Fully managed risk. Profit and loss are predetermined and set before you start trading.
  • Fast trading. No need to wait in front of the screen and check the prices on line. You will book your profits once Your target price is reached, or You can close Your position at any point of time.
  • Easy to understand. No need to read multiple books on technical or fundamental analysis.
  • Simple platform. Very user-friendly web application that allows you trade with ease and without any additional training.


How does it work

In order to start trading Binary Options you will have to register with myHiWayFX and open a Binary Options Trading Account. If you already registered you can log in to Gwazy platform.

Select the instrument from the list:

Select Instruments from List

Select a payout level 25, 50, 100 or 200%:Payout Level


Select the amount to invest:Amount to invest


Choose direction (up or down). "Arrow up" if you think that the price of the instrument will go up or "Arrow down" if you think that the price of the instrument will go down. Then press the Invest button.

Direction of the price

Watch your trade perform

Trade perfom