Get a taste of what real fund safety is all about with HiWayFX. We have redesigned and restructured our security system and have gone to all lengths possible to ensure that no HiWayFX client is ever in doubt of their funds with our Segregated Account system.

Keeping client funds into segregated accounts is our way of ensuring you that your money does not intertwine with that of the company’s in any way. From the moment you make a deposit into your account it goes straight into a clearing bank’s account which cooperates with HiWayFX. Ours (the company’s) account and yours are two different ones and are kept separate at all times.

The other reason why we chose this security tactic is because there is always a high possibility that any firm might come across some extreme situations and we don’t want our clients to be the ones suffering the aftermath. That’s why segregated accounts keep your funds untouched under any circumstances the company might fall in and not a single cent is lost.

We cooperate and trust reliable European banks that are able to provide your funds with the best level of security as well as allowing us to manage trading accounts keeping all information private and secure.

As a regulated broker HiWayFX must enforce any international laws and be audited regularly. Therefore saying that the security of your funds is one of our primary responsibilities is not a gimmick, it’s a fact.