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EUR/USD On Monday, we are observing a technical correction in the EUR/USD pair. The main currency pair trades below the mark of 1.13. Last week, the euro climbed to the level of 1.134 thanks to weakness of the American dollar on forex market.
EUR/USD Today, we are observing a technical correction. The euro falls below the level of 1.13 by losing over 0.2%. However, the general weakness of the American dollar support the EUR/USD pair.
EUR/USD On Thursday, we observed an extremely high volatility in the EUR/USD pair due to the decision of the European Central Bank. Just during a few hours, the EUR/USD rate changed from 1.082 to 1.122 or 3.5%. On Friday, the key currency pair trades above the level of 1.11 by losing 0.2%.
EUR/USD The Euro is under pressure. On Wednesday, the EUR/USD pair have fallen below the key level of 1.10. Currently, the key currency pair is trading near the level of 1.098 by losing over 0.2%.
EUR/USD The Euro starts the week from losses against the American Dollar. Currently, the EUR/USD pair trades near the level of 1.0980 by losing 0.2%. Many factors play against the euro.