Charts are an essential weapon for every trader to have in their arsenal as well as the ability to read them and understand what they represent and what perhaps will be the direction they are going to follow.

Recent market statistics show a fundamental decrease in industrial metals and commodities shares, especially in gold rates that have not been witnessed since 2002. Gold is thought to be a ‘fool’s investment’ at the moment with its prices reaching an all-time low, as well as having gold’s biggest fans turning their back on it.

Forex trading can be quite intimidating to everyone in many ways, especially to novice traders or people who have decided to try out the ‘online trading’ trend and use it as a way to earn an extra income.

The U.S Nonfarm payroll Report is put together and released on the first Friday of each month by the Bureau of Labour Statistics and it offers a complete illustration of the country’s economic state.

For aspiring traders looking to make quick windfalls, the Foreign Exchange Market (forex) can seem like an irresistible money-making machine. But without practice, dedication and, above all else, discipline, forex trading can quickly prove to be a very costly mistake.

From trading grain, cattle to beads – money has gone a long way since the early days of commodity money.