Most of us traders have been there, incurred so many losses, so many times that we’re actually unsure of whether or not we should continue trading.

Russian politics is celebrating this week the prospect of weaker European foreign policy, with many Russian financial experts weighing on the likely impact on Russia. Alexei Kudrin, former Finance Minister, believes that Russia will not be affected by a Brexit: “We can be sorry about the British leaving the EU.

You’re at it again, you’re spending the day sitting before a chart and bickering with yourself over what trading card to play next.

The best traders are observers and anticipate their moves beforehand; this is called the “gut feeling”, every trader should rely on the gut feeling while trading as it is something that will undoubtedly establish to a higher degree as you gain your experience in the market.

One might wonder why a profit/loss account is necessary when investing is about extreme highs and extreme lows the simple answer to this is that investors are only human beings. When taking a loss, investors too get disappointed and demoralized; to be a disciplined and courageous investor, one must adopt a strategy like the profit/loss account.

We’ve all been told that we should set goals, and we assume that we can set realistic goals- but most of us have never been taught how to go about setting goals effectively so that they are realistic and achievable.