Recently, in the city of Tianjin, the Chinese PM Li Keqiang while addressing a World Economic Forum gathering said “It's hard to avoid short-term volatility in China's capital markets, but we won't allow roller-coaster rides and drastic changes in the capital markets".

When we observe the trend of trades, we see that timing is of essence to the success of a trade. Many traders have faced major losses in a trade due wrong timing. They have traded currency pairs at times when the price charts are against them. 

Within the last couple of years Forex has emerged as the single biggest name in the world of online trading.

This immense success of the system has led to an influx of a large number of brokers, who have made the trading platforms accessible to almost everyone.

A successful trader requires both, the traits of a market fighter and a keen trade analysis, which requires authentic market news. There is nothing more important for an analysis than continuous up-to-date news.

The only best way one can learn about trading is by exploiting the knowledge from the professionals in the field. No school or college is going to teach you about the trading market, you have got to self-educate yourself and get as much knowledge as you can from effective sources.

As a forex trader like in most other fields of life, courage is essential to progress and make a name for yourself; without being gutsy no one will ever take notice of you or try to get to know who you are.