HiWayFX Demo Accounts

HiWayFX is a global broker providing forex services to clients worldwide. It provides a trading platform that enables traders to trade currencies or commodities 24/5.

How to Start Trading

The first step is registering an Online Forex account. It is not a baffling process and is quite similar to opening a bank account.  There are a number of different trading accounts one can have access to using HiWayFX and they are designed to meet your preferences. All of the trading accounts here give you a personal account manager, free economic calendars and educational videos. Also, for all accounts, the currency used for depositing money is Euros.

The thing is that not everyone knows about forex trading and it can get confusing and difficult for some people and they can even end up losing a lot of their money if they do not comprehend the entire phenomenon. For example, if one doesn’t know what currency pair to trade in or how to use the news trading service to their advantage or even the forex trading software, he can get into an uncalled for hitch. To make people understand the forex trading world there are demo accounts which go a long way to imparting the desired knowledge and they are offered by HiWayFX. 

HiWayFX Demo Accounts

There are DEMO STANDARD and ECN NDD DEMO ACCOUNT. These are the optimal for those who want to learn about trading forex without any risk of losing anything. There are a lot of advantages of using HiWayFX’s demo accounts as they allow you to learn everything about trading forex, the know-how of using different tools and data to your advantage in the forex world. As HiWayFX offers different educational stuff, using these demo accounts will be perfect for beginners to learn how to manage their trades. Both of these demo accounts have a minimum trade volume of 0.01.

When one has substantial knowledge about trading forex and managing trades, he/she can start a real account with HiWayFX. The main purpose behind these Demo accounts offered by HiWayFX is to teach their users the basics of trading, how to tackle different sources of information and data releases to your advantage in forex trading. This enables them to use different types of software and programs like MT4 to help make trading faster and also aid in understanding the different currency related charts.

The Demo Standard account

The Demo Standard account gives all the features as a real Standard NDD account provide with a spread from 0 pips and leverage from 1:1 to 1:500. To start this demo account one has to deposit 100000 dollars (US).  It is a swap free account with hedging and scalping features also at your disposal.

The ECN NDD Demo Account

On the other hand the ECN NDD DEMO account also gives the features as real ECN NDD account does. The difference is that the demo account is a swap free account with 20 percent stop out level. All the other characteristics are identical to the real account.

Don’t start trading without testing your skills on one of HiWayFX’s Demo accounts!


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