We would like to inform you about changes in the trading schedule on the 16th January due to  celebration of  Martin Luther King Day in the US.

Please refer to the following updated trading schedule.

Please note that this timetable may be subject to change.

Monday, 16th January
Instrument Early Close
Precious Metals
XAU/USD 20:00
XAG/USD 20:00
USCrude  19:30
Copper 19:30
NGAS 19:30
DJIA 19:30
S&P500 19:30
NDX 19:30
NKY 19:30
thursday 26th January
Instrument Hours
ASX200 Closed
Monday, 30th January
Instrument Hours
HK50 Closed
Tuesday 31st January
Instrument Hours
HK50 Closed
Times are in UTC+2
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